This tour is designed for those who have 1-2 days free.  You can let us know the days that you are coming and we can go from there! Afterwards, we can either take you back to Tirana or on to another destination (which we can discuss! We are flexible.)  We are offering two separate options, both based in beautiful Gjirokaster:
1. A One-Day Trip encompassing the fascinating history and sites of this UNESCO World Heritage Town
2. A Two-Day Trip with the above, but also a focus on the famous Albanian author Ismail Kadare
If you don’t know about Kadare’s works or life yet, let us recommend some of his books before you come!  Start with his popular Chronicle in Stone and/or The General of the Dead Army – neither of which have been difficult for past visitors to order online in English. They have excellent translations and some have in-depth biographies which help explain his complex mind and life situation (he lived through many tragic events.)  He paints a story of 20th century Albania like no other author has, and nowhere can this history come to life better than in Gjirokaster!

If you only have one day free but wish to focus mainly on Kadare, we can certainly help you with this!
Itinerary for the 1-Day Gjirokaster Tour:
  • Depart Tirana early in the morning for Gjirokaster (approx. 3 hour drive.) Thanks to who knows who, we can profit from the substantial improvement of road infrastructure between the two towns! We will happily stop for a bathroom break or coffee on the way.
  • Tour of the Old Town. Visit the beautifully located Castle and the Weapon Museum. Then head to the Bazaar.
  • Enjoy a delicious traditional meal in the romantic atmosphere of the “stone town” and its wonderfully preserved Ottoman era homes. (We can suggest some great dishes to try here!)
  • Visit the neighbourhoods and some of the more than 600 houses and buildings that give Gjirokaster the reputation of being a town of unique legends, witches, dragons and “crazy alleys.” (Enver Hoxha’s birthplace is also here, just to add to the mystique.)
  • Depart back for Tirana or on to another destination of your choosing (we can certainly discuss your plans!)

Itinerary for the 2-Day Weekend Ismail Kadare Tour:
  • Depart for Gjirokaster from Tirana (approx. 3 hour drive.)
  • Check into a charming boutique family hotel.
  • On this tour we will combine visiting all of the sites mentioned in the 1-Day itinerary above over a two day period with trips to some of the corners that Kadare mentions in his books. We will comment on his works and have some deeper discussions on some of the imagery in his writing (which will be easy to imagine walking through his birthplace!) We can be flexible – if you have studied him well, just let us know what you know and we’ll try to design a tour around your readings.
  • Overnight in Gjirokaster.
  • Next day return to Tirana or on to another destination.


We can discuss this depending on which tour is chosen above and the amount of people with your group! Contact us to get the conversation going.

Tour price will include:
  • All expenses for your guide/driver.
  • Fuel and AC car rental.
  • Entrance fees.
  • Local taxes.
  • Transfers back to Tirana or to next destination.
  • If taking the 2-Day tour, one night in a charming boutique hotel.




A great way to visit some places hard to forget. We’ll make sure to bring you in and out of this tour in an unusual and non touristy direction. Just let us know when, how many and how much you would like to see. We’ll adapt to all your interests, physical shape and needs. Great tour for cruise-ship visitors in Albania too.

Find a couple more details about what we offer here!

OK there is no excuse any more!

You’ve seen so much from the World but still haven’t seen one of its best little gems like Albania.  2017 is a great year for you to do it and to let us (choose us – travel responsibly – your money will go to a better development of the destination – in this case Albania and the Balkans) be your guides and local hosts.

We are already providing some dates for travel to only Albania 2017 and another tour combining Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro so practically a good and interesting part of the Southwestern Balkans  in 2017. Another interesting travel plan specially if you are a family or a small group of friends will be proposed as a more simple and  relaxed Visit and Holiday proposal based in Tirana, Durres or eventually other parts of the country too.

Please do not hesitate to contact and talk to us about how to organize an even more special private, family or group visit or holiday of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and more (Greece, Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania or Bulgaria where we have amazing partners). We’ll be excited to help!