One aspect of Albanian culture that interests us is Socialist Realism art – of which Albania has an abundance. The Communist regime took the visual arts very, very seriously and the country is peppered with their works, from mosaics to monuments (many now sadly vandalised or simply neglected).

You can visit the National Gallery of Arts in Tirana to see its collection of Socialist Realism art, but without any context or in-depth descriptions the works can sometimes be more than a little perplexing. That’s why on a recent tour we arranged for our clients a visit to the gallery with one of Albania’s finest Socialist Realism artists, Robert Permeti. Read More

Coming from our very heart and trying to explain a bit of the magic of Tirana, this is a tour that will combine a great quantity of known and unknown stories, public and private spaces, solid and liquid delicacies, walked and driven paths.

We would offer it as a private or group tour for 4 hours (starting from 24.9 euros/person) or as a full day-trip of 8 hours of walking, exploring, tasting, meeting and cruising around  (starting from 46.9 euros/person).

We’ll treat it in the expected Tirana way: let’s start avash-avash at 09h30am. Walk around some central neighborhoods for the first two hours. Take  a break for a (local) drink by noon. Drive in the surroundings for great stories, stops, characters, meetings, taste. Finish at 14h in  the city center again.

Do contact us in order to design your very own special way of visiting Tirana and discussing size of group, prices etc. This is a great way and the luxury of exploring Tirana with and in a very local way.

After our amazing experience with the Geneva Botanical Association, we’re more than ever excited to launch our Botanical Tour of Albania.

It will try to respect the seasons and follow the flower and plant ‘routes’ as from the best advice of some of the most important specialists of Albania and Europe.

Do contact us for more details and references. We’ll be happy to consider a very first tour within the month of July 2017. It will go North Albania and follow the altitudes of the amazing Albanian Alps and explore the botanical and natural rich aspects of the region.

We can discuss the tour to be a short weekend or a longer 8 – 10 days going all around the country.

Definitely happy to start booking and discussing eventual dates, opportunities and interests of plant  lovers and not only for 2018 or further.