COVID-19 is history (and the unfortunate war in Ukraine)

Albanian Trip team members have been vaccinated, and completed all tours safely and successfully in the 2021 season with adequate hygiene protocols in place. We have many bookings for 2022 and we have started operating our first ones already. All is a success. Weather is also being on our side in the last days (Starting mid March 2022).

Our map of standards is officially approved by the Albanian government (a good student of WHO) and the international actors with whom we are in touch.

Do look at the map and rest assured that Albania is distant from the conflict. We are of course destroyed by what we see happening in Ukraine and we really hope that it will be over as soon as possible but our country and region is not concerned by the conflict directly. Albania is hosting some families of refugees, is a member of the NATO and is anyway protected by this status and will do its best to give shelter and help as it has always done in history. We rank on the positive side of the World and we are sure the good and positive will prevail.

Albania can still take pride (and probably needs to work harder in order to let the World know) in being one of the certainly safest countries and travel destinations in the whole Europe.

Albania’s COVID-19 case numbers have for the most part remained low and manageable, with little strain on the health care system. We had a strict lock-down in March 2020, but since the country has done great at dealing with the sanitary situation (very little amount of fatalities for European standards) and with the level of freedom that we were allowed to “enjoy”.

Albania and the whole countries within our region, have 0 requirements at this stage (as of May 2022) for the visitors of the EU and North America. Most Australian and Asian visitors can easily enter Albania as well. Covid19 is already history in our area and mask wearing obligation was also lifted out at the end of April. Everything is opened and fully operating (actually since the beginning of 2021).

We are meanwhile working to improve our approach to the travel business by collaborating with local authorities, our favorite Protected Areas, and the Travel Foundation, with whom we are working to set up our own nonprofit called ARTI (Albanian Responsible Travel Initiative). It was made official in November 2021. We likewise keep working with IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and the great project DestiMED, this time in the spectacular Protected Area of Divjake-Karavasta. Stay tuned to find out about the developments there – a new package with a low impact on the environment and a great experience for all those travelers who’ll choose it.

Don’t hesitate to be in touch re: the COVID-19 situation or anything else! We will take the time to answer!