Info on COVID-19 & Ukraine

COVID-19: Albanian Trip team members have been vaccinated, and have completed all tours safely and successfully since the pandemic. Albania, and most other countries in the region, have NO restrictions or travel requirements. As of May 2022 visitors from the EU and North America no longer have to show proof of vaccination. Most Australian and Asian visitors can easily enter Albania as well. Mask obligations have been lifted. Everything is opened and fully operating.

UKRAINE: Rest assured that Albania is distant from the tragic war in Ukraine. We really hope that it will be over as soon as possible, but our country is not concerned by the conflict directly. Albania is hosting some families of refugees, is a member of NATO and will do its best to give shelter and help as it has always done. Your experience visiting us will be safe.

Don’t hesitate to be in touch re: the COVID-19 situation or anything else! We will take the time to answer!