Our Response to COVID-19

At Albanian Trip we got vaccinated with the first shot of Astra Zeneca on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2021 and the second one end of June (for some) and beginning of July (for the others). We are all Covidproof at this stage. We have already run many tours with individuals but also tours for small and large groups for spring and summer 2021 and our guests and us have all been better than before.

Albania is among European champions of the situation meanwhile. Totally opened and enjoying an almost fully free summer and fall season and with infections being close to 0 and fatalities being 0 for the whole weeks of June and beginning of July (Covid19 dedicated hospitals closing down everywhere) together with Montenegro, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia, we do not require for any PCR test, vaccination or any other restrictions for all visitors coming from the region, the EU and North America. Most Australian and Asian visitors will easily enter Albania as well. Fall saw the numbers of infections raise and some of the casualties come back as well. But if compared to the rest of European countries we are still fair to say that Albania has done great and has totally overcome the situation with the Pandemic.

In case you are still wandering where to travel in 2022 and you are looking for a European and Mediterranean, safe, friendly and covidproof destination, there is little doubt this is one of the very best worldwide.

In reality apart from the very shocking March and April 2020, we could not complain about the amount and quality of our freedom of movement within the country and the region.

We are meanwhile working to improve our approach to the travel business by collaborating with local authorities, our favorite Protected Areas, and the Travel Foundation, with whom we are working to set up our own nonprofit called ARTI (Albanian Responsible Travel Initiative). It is already official (as of November 2021), but in the meantime, we are actively pursuing exciting initiatives that will help our destinations be better prepared for this new reality!

We keep working with IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and the great project DestiMED, this time in the spectacular Protected Area of Divjake-Karavasta. Stay tuned to find out about the developments there – a new package with a low impact on the environment and a great experience for all those travelers who’ll choose it.

In terms of how our company has been adapting to protecting customers as Albanian tourism re-opens, we follow all standards of safety and hygiene. We operated certainly few but very successful tours in the summer, fall and winter of 2020, and the people who joined them were very happy with our performance. Our map of standards is officially approved by the Albanian Government (a good student of WHO) and the international actors with whom we are in touch.

As usual we will remain big fans of authenticity and sustainability. Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Any question and inquiry is welcomed, now even more than before