An Art Tour into the Albanian Cosmos

Not as famous as Italian or Greek art, but still sandwiched in between with so much passion, knowledge, tragedy and comedy, Albania is certainly a fertile land for an artist. It is not without a reason this land has given birth to talents of different disciplines of the size of John Belushi, Angelin Preljocaj or Dua Lipa!

Living in a country as diverse like Albania, it is normal to be inspired. Having inherited the drama, the struggle and the light can only translate into some really beautiful artistic genes.

At Albanian Trip we are art lovers and consumers. We do enjoy being friends with some of the best musicologists, dancers, actors, painters, artisans and music players.

We propose a tour that goes to Northern and Southern Albania with a stop in vibrant Tirana. The tour is set to happen within 7 nights and 8 days – you will meet with ancient lahuta players, some of the best Albanian traditional dance artists, some really important painters and some polyphony singers of the mountains of Laberia.

Definitely stay tuned and drop us an email to receive dates for the tour, prices and conditions. Some past ancient Illyrian, Greek and Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Communist art will also be involved in the whole experience. The Albanian art history is getting ready to find its own place of honor in the middle of some of the already worldwide famous art. There’s so much to show you from the local architecture, costumes, songs, legends, handicrafts.

Do discover it before everybody else does! Lots of food and wine art will be involved as well! This is the right formula for a trip of success.

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