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Look what well-known Austrian writer Robert Menasse recently said about us:

“More and more tourists wander through Albania, enjoying how beautiful it is and taking photos. But Albania is much more than just a backdrop for photos. “Albanian Trip” showed me the spirit, the culture, the soul, the wounds, the hopes, the hospitality – can you photograph that? No. The images are in my head and in my heart, with more pixels than any smartphone offers. 
If you only want to take pictures, don’t book „Albanian Trip“!
So proud of that and so happy Menasse captured the soul of our mentality! Shume falemnderit Robert!

Albanian Trip‘s founding group consists of travel enthusiasts who were born and bred in Tirana and have, over the years, grown to include several incredible external collaborators – certainly some of the best guides, agents, hotels, character accommodations, NGOs, consultants, transport companies and specialized drivers in the country.  Passionate, friendly, knowledgeable and with connections to almost every pocket of this diverse country (trust us, we know a lot of people!) we are one of the top choices for a genuine travel experience for a reason. We do work to set up family holidays from famous locations at the beach or secret shepherd huts, provide experiences for individual travelers just as we organize respectable size events for MICE and events for high end companies from all around Western Europe, the US and other parts of the World. And we always love to do things with the heart – we are not good at doing otherwise! We’re good at business of course but we are partisans of the idea that money can be made in a responsible way – we want our guests and collaborators to bless us for what we do! And that’s how it’s gone in more than 15 years of our existence! And we’re looking forward to many many more to come!

Scroll below to find out who we are!  And you’ll be happy to know that in 2021, 2022 and 2023 Conde Nast Traveler listed Albanian Trip and Elton Caushi as one of its World Travel Specialists!  See the link here

Albanian Trip has proudly shown off Albania and the beautiful surrounding regions of Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro to thousands of high quality travelers with different needs, most of whom have been greatly impacted by their experience.  Our main focus is to be able to provide travel services for groups and individuals while always keeping in mind that Albania and the Balkans (just like the rest of the world) need to be preserved for the future generations.  Responsible and sustainable tourism (for both the people and the environment) is a philosophy inherent to Albanian Trip!

Sustainable tourism is so important to us that we are proud collaborators of DestiMED, RisiAlbania and Celim, some truly innovative environmental protection agencies set up to help sustainable tourism activities with the collaboration of the Protected Areas in Albania and the Mediterranean.

We have also been a proud member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association and we have signed in the Future of Tourism Coalition trying to set up a new sector mindset for both collaborators and consumers of destinations around our region but also the World.

Check out this article on the Guardian (2022) where Albanian Trip was a contributor. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/29/uk-tourists-head-to-albania-for-sense-of-exotic-without-long-haul-flight

Here’s what we did for Camilla Bell-Davies of the Financial Times in more than just one article in the last couple of years:

“The chefs that came in from the cold”  where we tell about our amazing experiences built up with families of farmers, shepherds and some of the most important chefs from Albania. https://www.ft.com/content/d7692750-b014-4901-acd3-c83a045c77b3

“Albania untamed” where we bring Camilla in some of the most unexpected locations and stories from Albanian isolated locations and communities of the mountains and the shores. https://www.ft.com/content/2e6ea521-91da-44e1-b090-7a4ee87d0635

Recently, we’ve partnered up with https://trip101.com/, who have written an interesting article for us! 5 Things You Can Do in Albania That Will Make Your Trip Special and Safe

Albanian Trip is registered with the Albanian Finance authorities:

VAT nr : L72314029D

Travel Agent and Tour Operator Licence nr: LN – 4437 -01 – 2018

We are a member of the Albanian Union of Tour Operators.


Please check out some of the links below to see a few of our recent collaborations with different media, film makers, producers and researchers from all around the world! We’ve actually been working with so many that we are afraid to have our website collapse if we add all. So here’s a little taste of a few of them (while we are actually working with British based production company Like a Shot Entertainment in order to produce more series of Mysteries of the Abandoned) airing in 2020 and after, on Discovery Science and other Western medias.


    • Here’s one of the most intriguing projects we worked for in 2015. It was aired on Arte TV and ZDF in 2016 and told several amazing Albanian stories, researched mostly by us. We worked with LOUPE Filmproduktion and its amazing crew in order to shoot two parts of this documentary.


    • We’re particularly famous for our passion of bunkers, and not necessarily because we like them.  Since they’re here (and we had to suffer from that), we want to try and bring something good out of it.  Check it out here!


    • This is a really cool Swiss TV show once again about bunkerised and modern Albania! Virus in Tirana


    • About a very special cultural phenomenon exclusive to Albania: Sworn Virgins.  We personally know a few of them and you can understand more about this paradoxical tradition of acceptance and survival through us.  Made from our friends of OddiseeFilms from Berlin. Check it out here!


    • A few more words about Albania from one of our London shows – thanks to Andy Parson’s media project!


    • When it comes to bunkers we’re famous in the German speaking world as well! From our friend Franziska Zaugg Read here!


    • We met Sarah Druri in a travel show in London. She took a trip with us without ever telling us that she would write about it. She did indeed write a really nice, true and funny article!


    • We’re not really famous for it, but we believe Tirana can pretend to be the owner of an old town – a bit split in pieces, but still interesting!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 17.24.05

    • Duam Drita is a nice documentary made by young, talented filmmaker Vincent Hazard and Seamless Productions. Who do you think helped make it happen!? Watch the trailer here!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 17.27.54

    • This is one of the many stories we like to tell on our tours and here it is as a written version! We might sit down and write a few more! But until it happens, join our tours to hear them!

You can read comments from our previous clients here, and find out about our projects and partners here. Speakers of Deutsche might like to click here.  

Elton (Toni) Caushi +355 68 405 85 29
Toni began his career translating for journalists and NGOs back in the 1990s, including a stint in Kosovo. His studies then took him to Switzerland and then he returned to Albania and began guiding for international tour operators. In 2006 he founded Albanian Trip with his (now wife) Vilma and close friend Gjergji Mihali. Elton speaks English, Italian, French and Shqip and he truly is a bundle of pure joy to be around – his energy and passion never seem to end.  Connect with Elton on LinkedIn.

Gjergji from Albanian TripGjergji Mihali
After eight years in Munich where he studied Political Science, Gjergji came back to Tirana to help Elton build Albanian Trip. While Gjergji has now since moved on to bigger and better things (starting a family – the founding father is now an actual father!) he was an integral part to this company’s history and many people got to enjoy a tour with him. Best wishes to him (and if you want a contact Germany, his new home, he is your man!)

Vilma Vorpsi
Vilma looks after the Albanian Trip office and bookings. She’s sweet, efficient and kind and is the person to be contacted in relation to calendar and availability related issues – she has a computer in her mind and is able to memorize and organize everything to your best interest.  She speaks German, English, Italian and does understand a bit of French, too!

Jenn McLaughlin This Canadian girl randomly hopped on board after doing a two-week trip with us in 2016 and she has since signed herself on as editor of the website and business consultant (I think she might like us.) Affectionately known as “The Godmother” by Elton, he and Jenn exchange sarcasm and itinerary ideas while she dreams of the day she can return to his country to stuff her face with its delicious food.  Feel free to ask for her email address if you want an outsider’s perspective of traveling here! Unlike her multi-lingual counterparts, she merely speaks English. We can’t all be perfect.

Alda Korumi Alda works as as trip coordinator in our office!  A truly accurate organizing machine, she has over 15 years of experience in the travel industry (working for some of the best incoming tour operators in Albania and the Balkans) and takes care of correspondence regarding our tour programs through both email and phone.  She is proud to show others her beautiful country, and in her spare time she reads, travels, goes for walks and studies history!  Perhaps when you message us, you will chat with her!  She speaks English, Italian and a bit of French.

Olsi Ahmeti Kind, gentle Olsi can be found hanging around our quaint Albanian Trip office and running random errands for Elton (Elton always has things to do.)  He’s our logistics chief and does a great job at it.  Also a driver for the company, Olsi may just be the one to pick you up from Tirana’s tiny airport.  With past experience working in a hostel, he is gaining experience in the tourist world as more and more people come to check out what Albania has to offer.

Ervin Budo Ervin’s reputation precedes him – he is known for his intelligence and friendly disposition.  Whether he is taking guests for a tour to some bunkers or helping out film crews, Ervin knows the ins and outs of his country in great detail and will be happy to answer any of your questions (and he takes great photos, as seen here!)  Guests have raved about their time with this incredibly knowledgeable guide – it’s obvious he knows what he is doing!

Gesi Aliko A young man from the south, this guide and driver is well suited to drive Albania’s winding roads.  He loves stopping to pet animals (especially cats), he loves his mom and loves fresh food from the garden.  You will most often see Gesi in the great outdoors  – being in nature is his ‘thing,’ no matter how isolated the mountain path is.  Gesi is courteous and one immediately feels comfortable around him (please, just don’t ask him to go up any mountain lifts, okay?)

Andi Pinari Andi’s passion for learning and his philosophical musings are unparalleled.  Professor Pinari’s educational specialty lies in twentieth-century Albania and the Balkan states. “I am a historian – I can talk for hours,” he laughs, always while driving with tact and discretion.  Andi’s intellectualism is equally matched by a kind and caring nature that puts anyone at ease while being guided by him.  He loves his bicycle, his books and his guitar, and he is fighting for a positive future in Albania.  We need more people like Andi in the world; he is a rare gem.

Kastriot Cipi Elton’s good friend Kastriot is very intelligent and a much-needed supporter of the arts in Albania.  A theatre director right here in Tirana, Kastriot’s lectures of both a historical and political nature are always well-informed and interesting.  For those guests looking to have a more in-depth discussion about Albania, he is your guide!  We look forward to working more and more with him in the future.

Erion Puca Erion has been loving his many years as a seasoned guide and driver and is very careful to ensure his guests have a good time.  He knows that travelers to Albania put their faith in his abilities and he always pulls through!  He loves history, nature, walking and skiing and takes on any challenges with vigor, always looking to understand the needs of his guests.  He can speak Italian and French as well as English (and he is full of surprises – he has even studied classical music in order to be an orchestra director!)

Dennis Sallaku One of Albanian Trip‘s collaborating members, Dennis is a young and energetic guy who is best suited to guide younger crowds or dive right into Albania’s modern and current offerings.  Whether taking people to the beach or going on other little adventures in our country, Dennis will be a great companion and is a very reliable driver!

Edi Zaimi Edi is a driver for our company and speaks great English and Italian. This father loves traveling and people – he has been all over Albania and the Balkans.  If you want to have a lively conversation with him, he knows a lot about cars!  People speak very highly of him and guests love his extreme level patience and his smile.


Majk Jajaj  Albanian Trip‘s newest (and maybe youngest?) member as of 2024, Majk is our fantastic logistics officer!  Always smiling and enthusiastic, he has experience in public relations, project management, ecological sustainability, research and, most importantly, he has a master’s degree in Albanian rural development.  Curious, patient and hard-working, Majk loves talking to people and learning about new cultures.  With an impressive CV at such a young age, you can expect excellent communication with him!

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