At Albanian Trip, we pride on working with agencies from many parts of the world – whether from Switzerland, the UK, the US, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, Norway, Sweden, France, Israel, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Austria, Netherlands, Spain etc etc…  Past guests (who have visited us in groups of all sizes) have all thoroughly enjoyed their experiences in Albania and the surrounding Balkan countries.  Our tours have ranged from 2 days to 3 weeks!

If you would be interested to show what Albania and the Balkans can offer to your guests and clients, why don’t you and us organize a zoom or google meet conference call!?  One of us will come with a power point presentation and will explain exactly what to expect, how things are and answer to questions. We have done this before, during and after the pandemic with many partners and the pitching has always resulted with more people booking into the tours!

We have been highly recommended by travelers and their agencies because of:

  • our professionalism, enthusiasm and passion
  • our will to do things better, behave responsibly, respect what is given to us and make sure to leave it better than we find it
  • our fast, efficient responses and bookings
  • our wide range of high quality accommodation choices, from small family run boutique hotels to International or local 5 star ones all around the Balkans and the Mediterranean
  • our deep understanding of road conditions and timing
  • our professional fleet of vehicles and conscientious drivers
  • our niche-market offerings like culinary tours, agri-tourism, botanical or communist history
  • our flexibility to work with individual needs and restrictions (physical, dietary, etc.)
  • our connections not only in Albania but in other surrounding Balkan countries (we have collaborators in Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia, etc.)
  • the comprehensive nature of our cultural and historical tours
  • our friendly, intelligent guides who must meet our high standards regarding their language skills, personality, driving and general knowledge
  • the “off-the-beaten path” nature of our tours which give guests a feeling of authenticity different from other companies
  • our prices (guests feel that our prices wonderfully reflect the value and uniqueness of our tours)
  • our various friends in the restaurant industry whom have provided guests with unforgettable dining experiences
  • our multi-lingual teams (English, Italian, French, German etc.)
  • our collaborations with documentary film makers, academics, associations & NGOs, journalists, writers, photographers, development projects etc., which have added great depth to understanding the needs of guests
  • (last but maybe one of the most important) our social and environmental consciousness, our will to work responsibly and to build up a sustainable approach so that what we and our visitors ‘touch and consume’, becomes gold and not garbage.

If you are interested in sending a group of travelers our way, we are more than happy to work with you to come up with an itinerary!

For now, check out some of these successful longer cultural tours we have offered groups like yours in the past.


  • For a very detailed and fascinating tour of Albania’s north and south (plus a quick hop into Kosovo), try this 13 day Land of the Geg & Land of the Tosk Tour
  • For guests who wish to see more of the Balkans, try this Two Week Balkan Tour that includes Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia
  • For culture, museums, ruins and sand, head south for a visit to Albania and Corfu!
  • For a shorter visit to the UNESCO heritage part of the Balkans, try this seven day Albania and Macedonia Tour
  • If you would like to really focus on beautiful, less-touristy places and on social and environmental consciousness, try our Local Experience tour
  • For hikes through mountains, 4WD tours, beaches and some tourist spots, too, this Adventure Tour is great for those in good physical shape
  • If spending several days chatting with some of Albania’s most unique and important individuals is something you’d love, we know many people willing to share their stories on this Chats Over Coffee tour
  • For tours conducted in French, try this one!
  • And for tours in Italian, try this one!

Please, do contact us if you have any questions or would like to work with us!