The Albanian Riviera Holiday

Give us the time to organize an unforgettable and really cool holiday in one of the nicest Rivieras on the Mediterranean: the Albanian Riviera Holiday! There is no need for a jacket – bring a bathing suit (it might be useful!)


Albania’s beaches are definitely beautiful and are beginning to become more widely known, but still outside the July and August high season (10 July – 20 August) you’re likely to have one all to yourself. We know the cutest hotels and guesthouses along the Albanian Riviera, from Saranda to Llogara, and in the larger resorts of Vlorë, Divjake-Karavasta, Durrës, Shengjin and Velipoja. We’re always delighted to put together packages including accommodation and car hire, and a ‘greeter’ to look after you when you step off the ferry at Saranda (for those coming from Corfu) or at the Tirana Airport. Do get in touch if you’d like to find out more about beach holidays in Albania (and we can add some culture, history, nature and culinary experiences in the stunning landscapes of Albania of course but also in Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo or Greece.)

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