Albanian and Balkans Wine & Raki Trails

We are certainly interested in bonvivant lifestyle and Albania and the Balkans are loaded with those. Let us know if you are interested in wines. We know the roads and the trails to the best ones. Can certainly combine those experiences with hikes, food experiences, nature and lifestyle. As day-trips, weekend breaks or full multi-day tours – we are really good at opening the doors of the best wineries of the country but also to the smaller ‘secret’ ones.

We do know a lot about the most interesting ones in the Balkan region. Do send us an email with an inquiry. We will customize a special experience or integrate it in one of your existing tours.

Did you know the Albanian typical drink is Raki!? It is originally made of grapes but any fruit makes good to very good raki. And the best one is made out of blackberries. Let us introduce you to this delicious but also dangerous spirit. We will taste some of it without risking to loose control ok!? – Promise!?

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