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If you’re in Albania for a few days, you should consider taking a day trip. Within easy reach of the capital, Tirana, are beautiful sandy beaches, historic castles, ancient Roman cities, spectacular lakes and mountains, and the UNESCO World Heritage City of Berat. Albania’s fractured public transport system means that getting around can be a time-consuming pain, so it makes sense to go on an organized day trip with us! We can put together any trip that’s feasible and are always open to new ideas! We have great guides and always impart plenty of information.

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  • Bunkers & Beaches – A fun day in which you get to explore perhaps the most famous aspect of Albania’s communist heritage – its concrete bunkers. Learn about all of the stories associated with them.
  • Full Day in Berat – One of those places that needs to be visited once in a lifetime, Berat should be high on your agenda when visiting Albania as it has achieved UNESCO status for a reason. Check it out!
  • Ancients & Ottomans – A big day, but a rewarding one. In the morning we drive to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Berat to explore its ancient citadel and Ottoman alleyways. Then, after a traditional Albanian lunch, we drive on to the remains of the world famous classical city of Apollonia.
  • Skanderbeg & Caesar – For the history lover! In the morning we explore the small city of Kruja to visit the interesting bazaar and its museum dedicated to Albania’s national hero Skanderbeg. We will also visit the impressive amphitheatre in Durres.
  • Gjirokaster & Kadare Tour –  A visit to this gorgeous town with Ottoman architecture and stunning vistas of the valley below.  It can be created to include a literary portion if you are interested in learning more about our most famous author, Ismail Kadare.
  • Winter Bird-Watching – We also offer a six-day tour, but if you want to visit the Karavasta Lagoon when birds are in abundance, this is the best way to do it!  We team up with all necessary experts.
  • Hike to Sari Salltik & Kruja – For those interested in a fascinating (but not too vigorous) hike to a holy cave with a great stop for lunch in beautiful Kruja.  Bring your cameras for this one!
  • Tirana Like a Local Tour– An engaging dive into all of the explored and unexplored pockets of Albania’s capital city – enjoy the city as one of its residents.  You don’t even have to leave the city for this one!
  • Socialist Realism Communist Tour – For those interested in a rather dark period of Albania’s past, this is tour is one of Tirana’s best when it comes to learning about communism.  Let us take you back in time.
  • Hike the Mountain with Holes – A great option for outdoor enthusiasts that is close to Tirana.

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