Hike to Sari Salltik & Visit Kruja

Sari Salltik Cave & Kruja Day Trip from Tirana

The Kruja & Sarisalltik Cave Tour is a combination of a hiking and cultural day tour starting from Tirana (or from another place around central Albania if desired.) The picturesque town of Kruja is just a 45 minute drive from Tirana and has been the capital of the Arberi Principality since the Middle Ages when it was led by our national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg. Albanians held off the invading Ottoman Empire for 25 years under his rule.
  • Depart for Kruja in the morning.
  • Hike to the Holy Cave of Sarisalltik, who was a 13th-century semi-legendary Turkish dervish venerated as a saint by the Bektashis in the Balkans and parts of the Middle East. We will take the hike at your pace with time to visit the site.  We will walk through modern Kruja’s neighborhoods along an asphalt road until we reach the trail to the cave that has been used for centuries by pilgrims on their way to pray at the tekke (Sufi place of worship) inside the cave. The mountain of Kruja is called the “Adriatic Balcony” by locals because of the stunning views that can be seen both day and night.
  • Head back to Kruja for a quick lunch. Here we can visit the wonderful old bazaar with many handcrafted products under the “Made in Albania” brand.  We can also visit the fascinating castle with both the ethnographic and Skanderbeg museums, worthwhile stops indeed. This part can be flexible depending on your interests.
  • Transfer back to Tirana (approx 50 minutes.)
Price and Information:
This tour is offered as a private tour! 
Please use this contact form to sign up – it will provide us with all the information we need from you including your pick-up address, number of people, date and any special requirements. Once we receive your information, we will quote you the price based on your individual booking.
Private tours are slightly more expensive and can be done any day of the year according to your needs.  For private tours we can offer pick-ups in Tirana or from another spot like Durres (the price will change if the pick-up is outside of Tirana.)
Payment Options: We accept bank transfers, PayPal and we have a debit terminal/POS available at our Castle Kiosk Tourist Office in order to accept Debit, VISA and Mastercard payments (please keep in mind that 5% of the total will be added for the latter option.)  We can also accept cash payments where applicable.
The price will inlcude:
  • Fuel and AC car rental
  • All expenses for professional guide/driver
  • Entrance fees at the suggested sites
  • VAT tax
We are also very flexible at integrating other options to the tour and adopting it to your timing, interest, physical ability!