Multi-Day Cultural Tours (with Example Itineraries!)

At Albanian Trip we pride on coming up with unique, tailor-made experiences for our guests of any nature and of any length of time, whether you have two days to spare or twelve!

Rather than providing the typical tourist experience, we prefer working one-on-one with individuals or small groups to come up with the perfect trip suited for your specific needs.  Yes, this will cost a tad more than if you were to join a bus filled to the brim with weary tourists, but we promise you it will be worth it!

Together we will come up with the itinerary and then let us plan all of the accommodation and arrange for a guide/driver to be at your disposal for the duration of your trip.  We will also contact any specialized guides in certain sites or towns where their expertise is better than ours – you really can’t go wrong!  We choose high-quality hotels and guesthouses with all the amenities you would need and have many great drivers at our disposal who know the roads well.

We have plenty of experience showing people different sides of Albania: those looking for culture and history, those looking for adventure, those looking for food and those looking for a mix of all of it!  Using the itineraries and ideas of many past customers, we are pretty sure we can make great suggestions for you based on your interests.  Also, we have worked with French and Italian-speaking customers in the past.

A lot of people come to us having researched beforehand and if you are one of them, great.  There will be a bit of back-and-forth messaging as we finalize the itinerary but we have managed to please even the most discerning guests in the past (and we have worked with ambassadors, filmmakers, journalists and everyone else in between.)

Some helpful information would include your specific travel preferences (cultural, adventure, culinary, etc.), the number of days you have to work with and a general idea of where you want to go.  We are best versed in Albania and Kosovo, but we have contacts as far away as Skopje and Sarajevo if you’d like to go to other famous Balkan spots.  Our guides and drivers have done it all.

Let us come up with a unique trip for you, whether you already have an itinerary planned or if you are starting from scratch!  Contact us. 🙂

For now, check out some of these successful longer cultural tours we have offered groups in the past.


  • For a very detailed and fascinating tour of Albania’s north and south (plus a quick hop into Kosovo), try this 13 day Land of the Geg & Land of the Tosk Tour
  • For guests who wish to see more of the Balkans, try this Two Week Balkan Tour that includes Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia
  • For culture, museums, ruins and sand, head south for a visit to Albania and Corfu!
  • For a shorter visit to the UNESCO heritage part of the Balkans, try this seven day Albania and Macedonia Tour
  • If you would like to really focus on beautiful, less-touristy places and on social and environmental consciousness, try our Local Experience tour
  • For hikes through mountains, 4WD tours, beaches and some tourist spots, too, this Adventure Tour is great for those in good physical shape
  • If spending several days chatting with some of Albania’s most unique and important individuals is something you’d love, we know many people willing to share their stories on this Chats Over Coffee tour
  • For tours conducted in French, try this one!
  • And for tours in Italian, try this one!

Travel to Albania with a tailor made itinerary

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