Land of biodiversity – The new Albanian Trip special treat

This is an old new activity that we’re working on and trying to refine. It’s in strong collaboration with local and international fauna, flora and nature specialists and in partnership with RISI Albania that we’re launching a new initiative in order to attract more birding and nature fanatics into our beautiful country and region. Work is loading quite beautifully. We love what we’re doing and we’re definitely learning a lot. The more time goes by, the more we are improving our capacities of developing this activity in a sustainable and lovely way. We are in a constant search for ideas, techniques, experiences and innovation in that regard.

Everyone is going to love it. Guests will be delighted, locals will be happy! Lots of potential! Love nature! Protect it as you do with your own home! That’s what it is!

Do contact us in case you have a family, a group or a specialized association willing to explore the so rich Albanian and Balkanic natural wealth.

Albania the land of biodiversity

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