Stay tuned for this one coming. Summer  2016 we had our very first lepidopterist tour of some parts of Northern Albania and we’re already planning for next year.

It’s been a great surprising tour, adventure and country. With a fantastic bunch of Israeli butterfly and nature connoisseurs that helped us learn and understand a lot too. Not a very easy task but fulfilled with a lot of enthusiasm, persistence and hard work in amazing company of the some of the most notorious lepidopterists from Israel.

We’ll soon give more data about the exact dates when we want to start this but if you are an association of butterfly and nature lovers and are looking for a great place to go and fall totally in love with, let us know!

Either  in one day, a weekend or several days and several parts of the region, will be more than able to offer a surprising experience of the Balkanic and Mediterranean  cuisine. Albania is specially rich in that and in only one day we’ll jump from chaotic bazaar restaurants to pieceful farms, fishermen cottages or very fine restaurants, elegant wines, fresh local beer and of course plenty of ‘magic’ local pride called Raki. Let us know what you’re most interested in and to find a bit more inspiration start from here.