Either  in one day, a weekend or several days and several parts of the region, will be more than able to offer a surprising experience of the Balkanic and Mediterranean  cuisine. Albania is specially rich in that and in only one day we’ll jump from chaotic bazaar restaurants to pieceful farms, fishermen cottages or very fine restaurants, elegant wines, fresh local beer and of course plenty of ‘magic’ local pride called Raki. Let us know what you’re most interested in and to find a bit more inspiration start from here.

Birdwatching, food, beach, history and local meetings for the coming months and specially in winter 2016 – 2017. We had a first big experience on the 14th of July 2016 – we were quite amazed by all the new things we learned and by the enthousiasm of our amazing friends of Divjaka and Karavasta. Albanian Trip and PPNEA trying to promote the natural, historical and human beauties of Divjaka as well as trying to help local communities get stronger.

Some pictures from our first day and group tour in Karavasta can  be found in our Instagram feed. Let us know when, how many and how much time you would be willing to spend  in this great natural and not only reserve. Quite closed to Tirana and Central Albania it will be a great place where to spend a weekend too! Near the Kingdom of the Curly Pellicans of Albania!

Birdwatching-Karavasta logos2

A great way to visit some places hard to forget. We’ll make sure to bring you in and out of this tour in an unusual and non touristy direction. Just let us know when, how many and how much you would like to see. We’ll adapt to all your interests, physical shape and needs. Great tour for cruise-ship visitors in Albania too.

Find a couple more details about what we offer here!