Since we had a lot of interest in 2015, we’ll start running this tour as a group tour every Friday starting from September 2015 until mid October and then starting from March 2016 (with the hope that the BUNKART will be also open until then). Please do send us an email for confirming departures, prices and more info.

This is going to be a visit of the countryside and the beach areas nearby Tirana. In the warm season we’ll certainly end on a nice beach with a good refreshing swim the shallow waters of Albanian Adriatic. During the cooler season or if not excited about swimming we’ll anyway bring you near a beach and combine the bunker visit with a delicious fish restaurant on the beach or in a town near Tirana (most probably Durres).

This tour will bring you to:

Tirana’s countryside (eastern side of the region) between the Capital and Durres. Meetings with local people, visiting impressive, still standing all sized bunkers, plenty of landscape and interesting communist street art.

Beach areas of Durres with more bunkers but also a beautiful pine forest, good sandy beach and plenty of fresh and tasty Albanian beer. We’ll be happy to integrate to this visit the Roman Amphitheater of Durres and some of the city center attractions too.

We’ll be of course good at organizing longer and more extensive tours of Albanian regions where bunkers still survive and where people have all sorts of uses for them. We can stick the bunker element in plenty of our day or longer trips of Albania. We know pretty well where the best and most interesting are hiding.

We’ll price this tour with all expenses for guide/driver, fuel and car (nice AC) rental, entrance fees, a good Tirana or Korca beer and of course taxes.

Get in touch with us for arranging this tour, getting availability and more info.


We’ll do our best to convince you to come to Albania this fall or next year (2016) and to let us (yes choose us – travel responsibly – your money will go to a better development of the destination – in this case Albania and the Balkans) be your guides and local host. We have already provided some dates for travel to only Albania in Spring and Autumn 2015 and another tour of the Balkans in Spring and Autumn 2015. Another interesting travel plan specially if you are a family or a small group of friends will be proposed as a package holiday based in Tirana.

Please do not hesitate to contact and talk to us about how to organise an even more special private, family or group visit or holiday of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and more. We’ll be excited to help!

One aspect of Albanian culture that interests us is Socialist Realism art – of which Albania has an abundance. The Communist regime took the visual arts very, very seriously and the country is peppered with their works, from mosaics to monuments (many now sadly vandalised or simply neglected).

You can visit the National Gallery of Arts in Tirana to see its collection of Socialist Realism art, but without any context or in-depth descriptions the works can sometimes be more than a little perplexing. That’s why on a recent tour we arranged for our clients a visit to the gallery with one of Albania’s finest Socialist Realism artists, Robert Permeti. Read More

For a good part of the year, finding a car or 4×4 to hire can be a real nightmare, with the big international rental firms charging a small fortune to hire a four-wheel-drive Jeep or Land Rover. Why not give Albanian Trip a call – we’re licensed to hire cars, and have access to a number of reliable, air-conditioned off-road cars. And unlike the international firms, we don’t mind if you actually take them off the asphalt and down a dirt road!

And of course we’re good and experienced and know about many interesting secret ways to travel in different Albanian or Balkanic regions through 4wd cars and alternative ways going through countryside and mountain areas.

We also hire out normal road cars, such as air-conditioned Ford Focus and Citroën C1s. Click here for more information.

We’re delighted to announce that our escorted cultural tour for English-speaking visitors for October 2014 and spring 2015 was a success. The tour started off in Tirana and took in Korça, Përmet, Gjirokastra, Butrint, Llogora and finally Berat. Albanian Trip’s very own Elton Caushi led the itinerary to avoid marathon drives and ridiculously early starts. The tour took to the amazing and unusual North as well and brought to some of the cream of its regions. Even the British Airways flight times were civilized! We had no big crowds on the tour but the ones that decided to go with us, loved it! So the decision is to run it again in Autumn 2015!  And of course we’re already taking interest in the 2016 departures. You can read more about it here.