We’ll leave Tirana early in the morning. Thanks to who knows whom, we can profit from the substantial improvement of road infrastructure between the two towns. Reach Gjirokastra after an approximate 3 hours drive.

In Gjirokastra we’ll get to the old part of the town immediately. Visit the Castle and the Weapon Museum. These are both very interesting. Then head to the Bazaar. It’s most logically time for a delicious traditional meal with the romantic atmosphere of the UNESCO “stone town’.


A visit of the neighborhoods with a couple of the more than 600 houses and buildings that give Gjirokastra the reputation to be a town of tales, legends, witches, dragons and “crazy alleys”.

This town gave birth to a couple of the most prominent Albanians, one famous like Ismail Kadare and one infamous like Enver Hoxha. There’s a bit from both in the atmosphere and although times have changed immensely, the spirit of Chronicle in Stone is still around.


We’re so excited to tell that we can treat this tour as a daytrip (starting from Tirana and Durres and ending in Tirana, Durres or Berat) as well as we will be really good at organizing what we want to call: the “Kadare Weekend” of Albania. We would be able to greatly combine a trip to some of the corners that Kadare mentions in his books, comment them, enjoy them from delicious restaurants and remember them in comfortable boutique family hotels.

Just let us know what you know from Kadare and we’ll try to design a tour around your readings and try to see if we can match the fantasy that you build in your mind when you read a book about a special place like Gjirokastra.

Since we had a lot of interest in 2015, we’ll start running this tour as a group tour every Saturday starting from March 2016 and so on. The famous BunkArt reopened its doors after a period of silence for public on the 9th of April and it will definitely be part of our day-trip (except for those that will be organized on Mondays eventually).


Please do send us an email for confirming departures, prices and more info. Of course we’ll be able to organize it, in other days of the week if asked in advance!

This is going to be a visit of the countryside and the beach areas nearby Tirana. In the warm season we’ll certainly end on a nice beach with a good refreshing swim in the shallow warm waters of the Albanian Adriatic coast. During the cooler season or if not excited about swimming we’ll anyway bring you near a beach and combine the bunker visit with a delicious fish restaurant on the beach or in a town near Tirana.

This tour will bring you to:

Bunk’Art & Tirana’s countryside (western side of the region) between the Capital and Durres. Meetings with local people, lifestyle and personal stories, visiting impressive, still standing all sized bunkers, plenty of landscape and interesting communist street art.


Beach areas of Durres, Gjiri i Lalezit or even further North (depending on last arrangement) with more bunkers but also a beautiful countryside, good sandy beach and plenty of fresh and tasty Albanian beer. We’ll be happy to integrate to this visit the Roman Amphitheater of Durres, the site of Apollonia or bird-watching in the Karavasta Lagoon. We will try to make something new of this day-trip, every time we’ll have a booked group and will also be offering it as a thematic weekend in Western Albania.

We’ll be of course good at organizing longer and more extensive tours of Albanian regions where bunkers still survive and where people have all sorts of uses for them. We can stick the bunker element in plenty of our day or longer trips of Albania. We know pretty well where the best and most interesting ones are hiding.


We’ll price this tour with all expenses for guide/driver, fuel and car (nice AC) rental, entrance fees  and of course taxes. We have also started to offer this tour including lunches in certainly some of the most special restaurants that serve the delicious Albanian cuisine.

Get in touch with us for arranging this tour, getting availability and more info.

Ok there is no excuse any more! You’ve seen so much from the World but still haven’t seen one of its best little gems like Albania.  2016 is a great year for you to do it and to let us (yes choose us – travel responsibly – your money will go to a better development of the destination – in this case Albania and the Balkans) be your guides and local host.

We are already providing some dates for travel to only Albania 2016 and another tour of the Balkans in Autumn 2016. Another interesting travel plan specially if you are a family or a small group of friends will be proposed as a more simple and  relaxed Visit and Holiday proposal based in Tirana, Durres or eventually other parts of the country too.

Please do not hesitate to contact and talk to us about how to organize an even more special private, family or group visit or holiday of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and more (Greece, Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina or Serbia where we have amazing partners). We’ll be excited to help!