Accommodation in Albania

We at Albanian Trip own and manage a small selection of our very own rooms! 
We have studios and apartments in central Tirana and past guests have thoroughly enjoyed their stays (not to mention, we have a bizarre and wonderful collection of communist-era memorabilia in one of them! And tortoises, too!)
These are ideal if you’re staying in the city for an extended period of time or if you just prefer to stay in a cozy, charming place rather than a more luxurious hotel. All of our properties are a short walk to Skanderbeg Square in the centre of the city and we live close by, so we’re always on hand if you need us!
You can check out our apartment reviews on TripAdvisor.

Click on the three links below to see all of the details on what each place has to offer! And of course, if you still have questions, contact us!

Hotels in Albania
Albanian hotels are most often some excellent properties if you know were to find them. And as you’ve found our website, it seems you do know where to find them. Below is a small selection of some of our favorite hotels in Albania.

Life Gallery Hotel, Korça
The Life Gallery is perhaps Albania’s stand-out hotel. In fact, we think it’d be a stand-out hotel anywhere in the world. Ultra-stylish rooms, first-rate service and charm, too. To find out more about Life Gallery, click here.

Mangalemi Hotel, Berat
A Berati institution, known locally as Tommi’s. A small hotel with a great location just below Berat’s famous citadel. It also has the best restaurant in town, with a large terrace area. To find out more about Mangalemi Hotel, click here.

Kalemi Hotel, Gjirokastra
More of a B&B than a hotel, Kalemi is a characterful place to stay, in a converted Ottoman mansion. A warm welcome is guaranteed, and the location is great, too. And just check out the carvings on the wooden ceiling panels… To find out more about Kalemi Hotel, click here.

Hotel Gjirokastra
An extremely comfortable choice, with nicely furnished rooms and modern fixtures and fittings. A great option for families. To find out more about Hotel Gjirokastra, click here.

Hotel Tradita Geg & Tosk, Shkodër
Recent work to this old Ottoman inn has led to the addition of several chic new bedrooms – it’s a real labour of love on the part of owners Gjon and Raimonda. The restaurant is the best in town, and often has live music. To find out more about Hotel Tradita, click here.

Rilindja Hotel, Valbona
The first hotel and not only in Valbona has a beautiful and peaceful position on the edge of the village, and a fantastic restaurant serving traditional Geg mountain cuisine. Valbona itself and specially this place is one of our favourite and most recommanded places to stay in Albania. The owners are great fun when they have a bit of time and when they’re  not falling appart to make your time in the Valley of higher quality! By staying at this place you also help Valbona and certainly Albania grow up healthier and cleaner and sustainable and so on and on… To find out more about this hotel, click here.


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