Guided Kukes by a mine victim

Maybe you still remember there was a war in Kosova in 1998 – 1999. It was quite tragic for not just Kosova but also for Albania. The fights expanded into the Albanian territories and Milosevic armies had entered the territories of Kukes, Has and Tropoja for a few hours. Before retiring they did mine the border areas wherever they managed to.

The war ended pretty quick and peace is solid nowadays. The mines were cleared in an international operation which took about 10 years. But while the mine clearance was happening, the communities around the borders lost people, animals and so many young inhabitants were wounded in accidents. Now those survivors are grown ups and have continued a life in Kukes, Has and Tropoja. It is about 60 persons in the region of Kukes only that are invalids of that tragic moment of the history.

Many of them are still living in the region and are struggling to find the right financing in order to pay for the maintenance fees that in many cases apply to the maintenance of their prosthesis.

Although wounded, these persons share a passion for life and for their land. We are working together with them in order to make possible for them to show you their lovely and non touristy region. The income from those activities goes to their association which is trying its best to feed the need for technical maintenance of their prosthesis!

A hike or a cultural journey around Kukes will certainly show you eventually one of the richest but also less touristy areas of Albania as well as will give light and hope in the life of its communities.

Let us work together to build this up! It will symbolically bring peace instead of conflict, light instead of darkness, hope instead of desperation!

Drop us an email and we shall organize a great tour for you, your family or your group of friends!

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