The “Cool’inary” Tour of Albania : Day-Trip or Longer

If there is one thing past guests to Albania have raved about, it’s the excellent food here!  A worthwhile endeavor for even the mildest of “foodies”, the duration of this tour is flexible and is designed to introduce you to our country’s delicious and nutritious cuisine!  And if you are a glutton through-and-through, you have come to the right page! A Canadian restaurant owner who visited the country on a two week tour said it was some of the best food she’s had anywhere in the world – and she ate so much that she rolled back to her hotel room “in blissful agony” every single night. There are so many surprises in this country that even the most discerning gourmand will fall in love!
Just let us know how much time you have and give us a few hints of your dining preferencesfrom there we’ll do our best to impress your palate. We could come up with a surprise itinerary for you or we can refine it based on any information you provide us.  Helpful things would include:
  • any dietary restrictions: gluten intolerant, vegetarian, halal, etc. – you’d be surprised at what Albania has on offer for those with restrictions!
  • specific cooking you might be interested in, including one or a mix of the following: scrumptious grilled meats; fresh coastal seafood; delicious salads, cheeses and olives; savoury homemade pastries (byrek, etc.); Albania’s take on Italian cooking (which definitely holds its own – believe us!); places in which to best experience unique-to-Albania foods like qifqi and fergese, etc.
  • your preferred dining experiences, including one or a mix of the following: fine dining with exquisite service and ambiance; tiny “mom and pop” restaurants that only the locals know about; eating in a family home; relaxed outdoor eating by the beach; crowded and energetic pub/bar options; overloading on cookies and pastries, etc.
  • do you prefer the production of food/drink over dining out and would like to visit places from which you can learn these methods?
  • would you prefer to visit local markets for shopping (cheese, yogurt, produce, etc.)?
  • drinking choices: do you drink alcohol (if so, do you prefer wine, beer or raki?); are you more into a good cup of coffee instead and want to indulge in the cafe culture?
  • are you a dessert lover and want to stuff yourself with Albania’s sweets and treats?
Albania has enough cuisine, farming, history, landscape, nature, people and kindness to make our job easy!
To get you thinking about options: we can wake up early enough to be at a beach 45 minutes away from Tirana to see what the catch of the day is and visit the surrounding village! On the way back to Tirana, we could stop at a Bunker Farm to eat and drink locally produced delicacies (cheese, olives, olive oil, fruit, vegetables, raki, bunker-aged wine – that sounds like an interesting concept, right?)  What about a drive through the countryside? We could head to Berat for lunch in a family restaurant in the castle and stop for wine tasting at the famous Cobo winemaker! We could do a visit to Altin Prenga’s highly reviewed Mrrizi i Zanave, enjoy Durres fish restaurants, indulge in Elbasan yogurt cake, stuff ourselves with family-made baklava, etc., etc.! There are so many possibilities!
Contact us with the number of people in your group, some preferences to get us started and the amount of days you’d like to feast for, and we will come up with an itinerary and price based on that! Ju befte mire! (Local version of Bon Appetit!)

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