Albanian Trip 4×4 Hire & Tours

Hot or cold seasons are no excuse not to go exploring Albania’s beautiful less-visited regions. For mountain roads you need to hire a serious 4×4 car, and we’re happy to announce that we have several ones – all available for a fraction of the price you’d pay one of the international car hire firms!

We have access to  cars like Land Rover Discoveries (among which, a really neat Camel Trophy one), Nissan Terrano etc etc.

What we’ve been really good at in the last few years is organizing Off-road Tours of Albania and the Balkans. We know some really nice parts of the Land of the Eagle and we’ll be happy to bring you there. But please try to respect the Albanian environment as much as you can, never leave your engine on without any mobility reasons, don’t claxon, don’t drive too fast. This is a way to enjoy the destination all by trying to leave it clean and untouched to the next generations!


A beautiful Land Rover Defender to bring you in some of the most secret places, a great working and fun tool for your travel, media or other projects related to Albania and the Balkans experience.

The interior is incredibly tidy, with a huge amount of leg room in both front and rear, and the stereo is great too. It’s ideal for a family or group of friends who want to strike out from the main roads and enjoy Albania’s mountain scenery in comfort, or just prefer the safety and security of driving a big, tough 4×4 car in a land filled with crazy drivers.

Please contact us for rates and availability.