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Skanderbeg: A Romantic & Historical Account of An Albanian Hero

April 30, 2021 @ 18:00 - 19:30

Skanderbeg is inarguably one of Albania’s most famous heroes, effectively holding off the invading Ottomans for 25 years.  He really has it all – the drama, the fight, the intrigue, the fame, the virtue, and the happy ending (to a certain extent…).  Albanians unite around him, and his legacy was used as a political tool in the last fights for independence from the Ottomans, as an excuse by the fascists, and as a brainwashing machine by the communists.  Albanians adore him as a semi-God, and praise his epic victories against the most evil machine of the 19th century.  He managed to keep away the hands of the same Ottoman sultan that Constantinople couldn’t manage to resist.  He played a love and hate game with the Venetians, and managed to save the Vatican from an unhappy ending like the Byzantine power saw.

Join Albanian Trip’s founder Elton Caushi for a discussion on the legacy, folklore and historical importance of our famous figure!  This seminar is sure to entertain both the serious history aficionado as well as those who are simply curious to learn more about Albania.  Let us tell you about the legends, facts and endless theories.

About the presenter:  Toni began his career translating for journalists and NGOs back in the 1990s, including a stint in Kosovo. His studies took him to Switzerland, and then he returned to Albania and began guiding for international tour operators.  In 2006 he founded Albanian Trip with his (now wife) Vilma and close friend Gjergji Mihali.  Since then he has gained endless insight into his country’s history and culture, and has hosted hundreds of tourists, dignitaries, and documentary film crews, while continuing to work with NGOs and sustainable tourism companies to promote a better future.  (Also, he has an entire collection of communist-era memorabilia that could be turned into a museum!)  Elton is really enthusiastic about these online presentations, refusing to surrender to the boredom of the pandemic, and passionately struggling to save the beloved travel sector.

Seminar Information

The cost for this seminar is $12.90 USD.  Please email contact@albaniantrip.com to express your interest, and we will assist you in your payment (we have PayPal!)  All meetings will be 45 minutes – 1 hour long, with some time at the end for questions and answers.  It will be hosted on Zoom, and we will send you the link to the seminar up to a week before (unless you are joining last minute – no worries!)  All times are posted in Tirana time (CET).  If you paid for a seminar but can’t attend, you can access a copy of it up to two weeks after the date!


April 30, 2021
18:00 - 19:30


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