Off-the-Beaten-Path Experiences from Berat

Albanian Trip frequently partners up with other people in the tourism business, from locally-run hotel owners and restaurateurs, to guides who work hard to show you the best this country has to offer.

In the town of Berat, a UNESCO heritage site on Albania’s must-see list, we know a friendly guy named Isuf who lives there.  We are working together in hopes that many people will get to experience one of Isuf’s tailor-made experiences in Berat.  Not just your typical tourist draw, these tours will take you into the homes of local people or to truly special natural wonders that most tourism agencies leave out.  They are meant to immerse you in culture, food and history, and depending on your preferences, you can step back a century and live like Albanians did before the modern era! These are truly one-of-a-kind experiences, so please do have a look!

You can sign up for one or more of these incredible tours on their own or you can pair it with our very own historical tour of Berat. Whatever you decide, we are open to any new ideas or questions you have.

Feel free to contact us to get started! See below for more information.

Our Friend Isuf’s Tours:

Click on the file links to see a more in-depth itinerary:

  1. Adventure in Tomorr: A day trip to an isolated traditional village. (Adventure in Tomorr Village)
  2. Best of Berat: A one-day tour that visits waterfalls, does scenic drives and has wine tasting. (Best Of Berat)
  3. Bogova Village: A one-day excursion to a magical village and waterfall. (Bogova – Where Bog Is God)
  4. Cheers to Albanian Wine: Visit three incredible wineries in one day! (Cheers To Albanian Wine)
  5. City Tour: A shorter walking tour through the historical parts of the city. (City Walking Tour)
  6. Cultural Two-Day Tour: Encompasses walks, scenery, eating and local life. (Cultural Two Day Tour)
  7. Eat, Drink and Lodge: A special experience with a traditional Albanian family! (Eat, Drink and Lodge)
  8. Hiking in Tomorri Mountain: A two-day trek for true nature lovers! (Hiking Tomorr)
  9. Osumi Canyon Tour: A one-day hike through a canyon. Truly beautiful. (Osumi Canyon Tour)
  10. Rustic Life in Berat: A three-day unforgettable journey for the real traveler. (Rustic Life in Berat)
  11. Berat’s Best Hiking Trail: A one-day trek through Partizan Mountain. (The Best Hiking Trail of Berat)
  12. Hiking and Driving Tomorri Mountain: Another day tour for adventure lovers! (Tomorri)
  13. The Tailor Made Tour in Tomorri National Park: check out your options! (Tailor Made)

Talk to you soon!