Jewish History Tour

Albanian Trip and its guides have toured many groups and individuals with Jewish heritage from Israel, Western Europe or as far away as North America. Past groups have fallen in love with the scenery, hospitality and stories on offer in this truly off-the-beaten path country. While Albania is not particularly known for its Jewish monuments, it is known for having stories galore of people who, in both the past and present, have somehow collaborated with Jewish people. WWII is a glorious moment in the history of Albania. One of the rare countries that gave shelter to the local and coming Jews and managed to save the life of all of them. The story is not so famous but we know a lot of people involved in that! And we can take you to meet them.

Most past itineraries have been built according to individual preferences for either a day-trip or a longer tailor-made cultural tour. We have happily hooked clients up with the many Albanian families who helped saved Jewish lives in WWII, whether in the beautiful, bustling capital of Tirana; the hilly “town-of-a-thousand-windows” of Berat (where there is also Albania’s only Jewish museum!); the fortress town of Kruja; or modern and chic Shkodra. No matter where we’ve taken guests in the past, the shared stories and breathtaking landscapes have been memorable.

For a good story of Jewish presence in Albania, here is an article that was written in January of 2019. And yes we are famous in Israel and have amazing friends over there. We did help Gidi and Aharoni find their way to the delightful Albanian food a couple of years ago.

If you are interested in asking more questions, feel free to contact us. With flights coming into Albania more frequently from the US and right from Tel Aviv, this may be your next travel destination!

A Jewish crew we toured in 2018; seen here in Berat.

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