Tirana Day Trips

If you’re in Tirana, Durres or other parts of Albania for a few days, you should consider taking a day trip. Within easy reach of Tirana’s capital are beautiful sandy beaches, historic castles, ancient Roman cities, spectacular lakes and mountains, and the UNESCO World Heritage City of Berat. Albania’s fractured public transport system means that getting around can be a time-consuming pain, so it makes real sense to go on an organized day trip. We can put together any trip that’s feasible, below are a few suggestions.


Bunkers & Beaches
Albanian bunkers

A fun day in which you get to explore perhaps the most famous aspect of Albania’s communist heritage – its concrete bunkers. We’ll take you to a couple of well-preserved bunker complexes close to Tirana, and then on to the beach for a well-earned swim. To find out more about this day trip, click here.


Skanderbeg & Caesar
Kruja, Albania

In the morning we explore the small city of Kruja, including its museum to Albania’s national hero Skanderbeg, and its small but diverting bazaar, which is the best place to buy Communist trinkets in Albania. Then onto the port city of Durrës to visit its famous amphitheatre and new museum of classical civilisation. To find out more about this day trip, click here.


Ancients & Ottomans
Berat, Albania

A big day, but a rewarding one. In the morning we drive to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Berat to explore its ancient citadel and Ottoman alleyways. Then, after a traditional Albanian lunch, we drive on to the remains of the world-famous Classical city of Apollonia. To find out more about this day trip, click here.


Full day in Berat

One of those places that need to be visited once in a lifetime, Berat should be high on your agenda when visiting Albania. It will satisfy many of your interests and will really manage to impress you. This proposed daytrip is focusing on only Berat. We’re flexible to adopt the program to your needs but there’s one first version that we propose here.