Agro-Tour alias Slow Food Tour of the region

Meet Elton’s incredible, earth-shattering idea for a tour that will bring you to the kitchens of families, farms and restaurants for a 4 to 8 day guided, driven (or self guided and driven) tour in Albania and the Balkans.

It’ll combine beaches, mountains and urban environments and will surely encompass loads of food, wine and raki.  The idea is both to taste the delights on offer and also be a part of their cultivation or production process- a full experience.  Nature will be in abundance. And history always nearby as well. We shall combine all of the “creme de la creme” of Albania and the region for you in this experience.

This one-of-a-kind tour is designed for those who want to divulge into learning about Albania’s unique food and lifestyle traditions.  With all our long experience, the connections, the success of our “Cool’inary” Tour and because we at Albanian Trip are hardcore foodies, we know about all of the region’s best-kept dining secrets are friends with the most famous and secret chefs, wine and raki makers and want to share all that wealth with you as a guest!

Steeped in authentic Albanian culture and natural landscapes, you can also expect to learn about our people, history and geography on the way. The departure dates are flexible depending on your timing and group size.

Let Albanian Trip organize one of the least touristy experiences you can have in Albania!  Of course it will include visiting classic local beauties like Berat, Butrint, Lake Ohrid or Gjirokastra, but the best part is that you will spend quality time with local families in the charming, lesser known towns and countryside.  This is the best way to make genuine new friends that will help you truly explore and understand Albania or the Adriatic part of the Balkans.

We will arrange for you to travel a bit, then you will spend 2 or 4 days with a local family in the country side or in a luxury hotel with a SPA.  From there, you can move to another part of the region or stay on a nice little beach or mountain area. The possibilities are numerous and we know a lot about them.  Whatever you decide, you will extract wonderful memories and experiences!

Since this is very much a tailor-made trip, we will be working with each individual or group to discern what your particular interests are.  From there, we will establish a price, itinerary and activities accordingly.

Contact us for more info regarding this new approach into a great corner of Europe and the Mediterranean.

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