Shepherd time

Albania is definitely a nation where shepherds have always played a very important role. The territory is covered by mountains on 3/4 of it and it is logical that farming goats, sheep, pigs, turkeys and of course cows made up for an important part of the activity and the construction of the local culture and lifestyle. What we would love to do is to introduce you to an Albanian shepherd life. It includes a very sustainable lifestyle, authentic methods of farming and in all the cases: stunning hidden locations.

We are friends with communities of shepherds all around the territory. Let us know how much time and effort you would like to dedicate to this. In a Stan (as we call the shepherd hut) you can certainly learn, explore, work, be active but also chill and relax. Life conditions are sometimes hard and sometimes soft but the authenticity is solid like a rock. If ready to spend your first day of transhumance with most likely the very last shepherds to do this in the history of Europe, let us know (it’s early spring and end of fall). If you want to spend a night or two in a mountain location with special places and style, let us know! It can be done anytime from beginning to the end of the year. If you want the place to be closed to a water source (spring, river or even the sea), let us know!

Be a Bari (shepherd) for one day, a weekend or even a whole vacation, why not!?

You will not easily forget this!

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