About Us

Albanian Trip‘s founding group consists of travel enthusiasts who were born and bred in Tirana and have, over the years, grown to include several incredible external collaborators – certainly some of the best guides, agents, hotels, character accommodations, NGOs, tourism consultants, transport companies and specialized drivers in the country.  Passionate, friendly, knowledgeable and with connections to almost every pocket of this diverse country (trust us, we know a lot of people!) we are one of the top choices for a genuine travel experience for a reason. Scroll below to find out who we are!

Albanian Trip has proudly shown off Albania and the beautiful surrounding regions of Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro to thousands of high quality travelers with different needs, most of whom have been greatly impacted by their experience. We’re doing this for ourselves, but we do deeply care about Albania and its people, too.  Our main focus is to be able to provide travel services for groups and individuals while always keeping in mind that Albania and the Balkans (just like the rest of the World) need to be preserved for the future generations. Responsible and sustainable tourism is a philosophy inherent to Albanian Trip! We always support locals first, care about the environment, the tradition, the past and the future, our country, our region and the World. We’re tiny tiny of course and we will hardly change the global situation but we give a good example of care and thoughts, educate our children to care about others and hope to give a minimum positive contribution to the Globe.

Albanian Trip is registered with the Albanian Finance authorities with:  

 VAT nr : L72314029D

Travel agent and Tour Operator Licence nr: LN – 4437 -01 – 2018

and is a member of the Albanian Union of Tour Operators. 

Please check out some of the links below to see a few of our recent collaborations with different media, film makers, producers and researchers from all around the world – we’re getting better and better at this! 


    • Here’s one of the most intriguing projects we worked for in 2015. It was aired on Arte TV and ZDF in 2016. It told several amazing Albanian stories mostly researched and proposed by us. We worked with Loupe FILMPRODUCTION and its amazing crew in order to research and shoot the two parts of the documentary.


    • We’re particularly famous for our passion of bunkers – not because we like them but since they’re here (and we had to suffer from that), we want to try and bring something good out of it.  Check it in here!



    • This is a really cool Swiss TV show. Once again about bunkerised and modern Albania! Virus in Tirana


    • About a very special phenomenon from Albania: Sworn Virgins. We know a few of them! A paradoxical tradition of acceptance and survival (from what people perceive as a very patriarchal side of Europe!) It’s true and untrue at the same time. Made from our friends of OddiseeFilms from Berlin. Check it out  here!


    • A few more words about Albania – from one of our London Shows – thanks to Andy Parsons media project!


    • When it comes to bunkers we’re famous in the German speaking world as well! From our friend Franziska Zaugg Read here!


    • We met Sarah Druri in a travel show in London. She took a trip with us without ever telling us that she would write an article related to it. She did indeed write a really nice, true and funny article!


    • It’s not really famous for it but we believe Tirana can pretend to be the owner of an old town – a bit split in pieces, but still interesting!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 17.24.05

    • Duam Drita is a nice documentary made by young talented filmmakers like Vincent Hazard and Seamless Productions. Who do you think helped it happen!? Watch a bit of trailer here!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 17.27.54

    • This is one of the many stories we like to tell on our tours. This might be the only one you’ll find as a written version.! We might sit down and write a few more! But until it happens, join our tours to hear them!

 You can read comments from our previous clients here, and find out about our projects and partners here. Speakers of Deutsche might like to click here.  

Albanian Trip's Elton CaushiElton (Toni) Caushi +355 68 405 85 29
Toni began his career translating for journalists and NGOs back in the 1990s, including a stint in Kosovo. His studies then took him to Switzerland, before he returned to Albania and began guiding for international tour operators. In 2006 he founded Albanian Trip with his (now wife) Vilma and close friend Gjergji Mihali. Elton speaks English, Italian, French and Shqip. Connect with Elton on LinkedIn.

Gjergji from Albanian TripGjergji Mihali
After eight years in Munich where he studied Political Science, Gjergji came back to Tirana to help Elton build Albanian Trip. While Gjergji has now since moved on to bigger and better things (starting a family – the founding father is becoming an actual father!) he was an integral part to this company’s history and many people got to enjoy a tour with him. Best wishes to him – and if you want a contact Germany (his new home), he is your man!

Vilma Caushi of Albanian TripVilma Vorpsi
Vilma looks after the Albanian Trip office and bookings. She’s the person to be contacted in relation to calendar and availability related issues – she has a computer in her mind and is able to memorize and organize everything to your best interest. She speaks very good German, English and Italian and does understand a bit of French.


Jenn McLaughlin

This oddball Canadian girl hopped on board after doing a two-week trip with us in 2016. Seen here gazing out onto the Adriatic, she has signed herself on as editor of the website (I think she might like us.) Affectionately known as “The Godmother” by Elton, he and Jenn exchange sarcasm while she dreams of the day she can return to his country to stuff her face with its delicious food.  Feel free to ask for her email address if you want an outsider’s perspective of traveling here! Unlike her multi-lingual counterparts, she merely speaks English. We can’t all be perfect.