Car, 4×4 & driver Hire

Albania is changing rapidly, not least its roads. An influx of EU cash and a domestic road-building programme has meant hundreds of kilometres of brand-new asphalt has been laid in the past few years, and some Swiss-standard tunnels dug too, slashing journey times across Albania.

This means that self-drive itineraries have never been easier. One issue, though, is that the international car hire companies such as Hertz and Sixt charge a lot more than they do elsewhere in Europe.


We manage and find out several options to be able to offer you some of the really good and logically priced cars as well as some of the best, safest and most friendly drivers  around the country too (a  great way to know more about Albanians too – drivers have so many genuine stories to tell) – just get in touch to find out more. Some  of the smaller cars that we can offer at rates starting at 29.9 euros/day would be:

Citroën C1, Ford Focus Estate (Station Wagon), Ford Focus C-Max etc.

*Includes insurance, unlimited mileage, second driver free of charge and taxes.  No credit card required. 

Hire a 4×4 in Albania

If you’re after a little adventure, and want to reach Albania’s more remote regions, then you’ll need a 4×4. Hiring one from the international firms can be eye-wateringly expensive, so instead contact us. We have our own trusty fleet of great 4wd cars including Land Rover Defenders, Land Rover Discoveries, Mitsubishi Pajeros etc.

Hire an experienced Albanian driver

If you manage to drive through Tirana roundabouts, nothing can really scare you anymore in life. Well we’re probably dramatizing a bit too much but you’ll be amused to see how Albanian drivers try to make their way through very chaotic Tirana traffic. We believe that in reality you’ll have no problems to drive yourself around the country (Place de l’Etoile in Paris is much worse and let’s not talk of driving around Rome) but it will be much more comfortable and enjoyable for you to hire one of our really experienced drivers that will not give you English language lectures on Nuclear Chemistry but will certainly understand what makes you happy and eventually will tell you a little anecdote or story.