The Albanian Gangster Tour

In the best of cases, Albanians are unknown worldwide -but this is rarely the case in Europe! We have a reputation as the most fearful bloody gangsters of the old continent! According to legend, we managed to beat the Italian Mafia and made null the score against the Russian one! Hilarious!
Once upon a time, Elton, your beloved Albanian Trip representative, dreamed of becoming a gangster (wouldn’t you like to see a picture of this?) Unfortunately, his soft, subtle features and teddy bear-like disposition made him less fearful and instead invoked the feeling one gets from a grandmother’s gentle embrace on a cold day.  It didn’t work well with the mafia bosses who saw him as a liability and as a result, he was promptly dismissed with a stern warning.  He decided on a career in tourism instead. Oh well, one can always dream, right? Perhaps a time in the future will come in which he can once again don his finest thug clothing, brush up on his ghetto-speak and frighten the world with his sheer, unabashed intimidation.
One thing is true, though: in the 90s this country had an atmosphere which must have been a bit similar to the Brazilian favelas.  Our goal is not to deny this past – because the general cliche relating to the lack of safety and violence exists for a reason -but we assure you that things have changed here! (With all due respect, we were coming out of one of the most Stalinistic nightmares Europe has ever seen!  Forgive us, please!)
The post-communist period is when the careers of many of these gangsters popped up (with mainly fast, unhappy endings -yikes!) But, we’re humans and we tend to forget. Anyway, yes, the 90s were like living in a movie! Sure, there were sweet memories, but, for the sake of our children, we don’t want to see this again!
Girls were beautiful back in the day, but boys adopted the gangster look in order to get some respect – let us show you some pictures from that period! By the 2000s, after the end of the conflict in Kosovo and the infamous Pyramid Scheme collapse (Apocalyptic Memories from the Land of the Eagles! – that should be the name of our next tour!), the gangster lifestyle thankfully lost its appeal.  Let us tell you their stories from local legends and even legends that the international media invented!
Don’t be afraid to join this tour -you’ll be under our protection (Just kidding! There is no need for any protection in Albania, apart from the lack of pedestrian priority in Tirana. Ahem.)
With this tour we’ll try to loot your hearts, in order that you join us for another day trip on offer like the Bunkers & Beaches Tour, the Cool’inary Tour, the Socialist-Realist Tour, the Gjirokastra Day Trip and plenty more!  Contact us!