Wedding & honeymoon in Albania

You’re too special for an ordinary wedding and honeymoon aren’t you!? Why not have a wedding in a stunning landscape, with some amazing elegant venues, with amazing food, great drinks and lots of love and joy! Albanians do care about their weddings and they do know how to party hard!

Why not choose somewhere a bit more atypical for your families and friends! Everyone would go to Italy or France! Imagine the surprise of the guests when they receive your invitation: We are inviting you to share moments of joy and delight, in the Mountains of the Thunders, where Zeus had home and wild love affairs!

And than again: your honeymoon could be anywhere else but you’re not into ordinary destinations! You want to spend romantic time with each other! Why not spend nights in the middle of the still wild mountains of Albania, in the beaches with still no crowds, in the towns with byzantine and ottoman architecture! Albania has it all: the landscape, the nature, the food, the drinks, the joy, the history and all that still with no crowds and for the most affordable ration between quality and costs!

We’re certainly the best to know the most special locations, to organize the most modern gear, to bring you the best musicians, to cater the most delicious food, to bring you the best wines of Albania.

Drop us an email: we have already organized several couples to get married or to spend their honey moon here, from the US, the UK, Switzerland, Germany etc etc. Let us craft a special one for you too!

We want you and our nature to prosper. We want Albania to be a honeymoon paradise for you and for its beautiful inhabitants.
Copyright for this photo is courtesy of PPNEA

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