Tirana on a Bicycle

We are offering this tour as either a private or small group tour. We shall give you each a headphone, a bicycle, and a guide. The guide will have a microphone and will give you a bicycle tour of Tirana’s downtown in both the new and old neighbourhoods. They will talk to you while you absorb your surroundings without needing to worry about asking for directions, nor wondering where the best secrets are hiding! Our goal is to show you some elements of the city that you can’t find through the internet or the guidebooks (we are pretty good at researching all the hidden details of the local history).

As we are proposing this tour, we are unable to offer helmets yet but we are working on that! Do send an email to contact@albaniantrip.com in order to find out about timing, availability and prices.

We will also inform you about the exact itinerary (which can change according to seasonality) and the organizing of picking up and handling back the bicycles.

Enjoy the ride!

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