Bunkers & Beaches of Albania

This tour is extremely unique and is designed for those with an interest in the bizarre sides of history (with some time for relaxation, too!)

The 700,000 bunkers of Albania, while arguably an eyesore, add character to the landscape and tell about the mysterious nature of communist rule under Enver Hoxha.  This day tour offers a chance to explore these concrete curiosities and enjoy some time on the beautiful beaches. Of course, we’ll impart historical information, too!

Let us know which day you are coming and we can work out the details from there.
Based around Tirana, in the warm season we’ll certainly end this tour with a refreshing swim in the shallow waters of Albanian Adriatic. During the cooler season, or if you’re not interested in swimming, we’ll bring you to the beach to eat instead! Durres has a fine offering of restaurants, including many seafood ones.
Itinerary (please contact us for the exact itinerary we will choose on the day you will decide to take this tour. We might do some changes to it and bring you to other places that are not mentioned here, always trying to make this experience as good as possible).
  • In the morning, we’ll drive west from Tirana towards Durres to explore the countryside.
  • Meet with local people; visit impressive, still-standing bunkers of all sizes; see plenty of landscapes; and check out interesting communist street art!
  • We’ll end in the beach areas of Durres (which has more bunkers but also a beautiful pine forest, good sandy beaches and plenty of tasty Albanian beer.)
  • If interested, we can add a visit to the Roman Amphitheater of Durres and some of the city center attractions too!
Price (might eventually change according to the final itinerary we will choose to offer on the date of the eventual tour)
This tour starts from 64.9 euros/per person for a group of 2 – 5 persons.
Price includes:
  • All expenses for your guide/driver.
  • Fuel and AC car rental.
  • Entrance fees.
  • A refreshing Tirana or Korca beer.
  • Local taxes.