2017 Botanical Tour

As a member of the botanist group that visited south Albania in April, I would like to give you my feedback …
Like Elton said “fortunately everything is not definitively tragic!” in this country under construction (literally and in the figurative) shuffled by so many historical stories between Orient and Occident, nevertheless with this unique language.
From the mountains to the see, fertile cultivated plains with fruits, vegetables and cereals look like a lost paradise … for botanists. The rivers are wild and free, but for how long? The hillsides are not covered with roads, and the sky is blue without airplanes and helicopters in every direction. Hardly any constructions at the edge of beaches, the olive trees and pasture are still undamaged, yeahhh!
The cuisine offers numerous simmered dishes, lamb, grilled vegetables. And raki of course! Elsewhere, some very good wine of Berat.
Elton puts all his heart so that we love his country. He chooses hotels carefully and with relevance. He knows how to tell stories to captivate his public thanks to his knowledge of the history and his personal testimony.
Thank you a lot for having widened our vision of Europe!
“Ikim”, see you soon Albania…