October 2015

Me and two friends were visiting Albania for the first time, and we decided we needed to see more than just Tirana, so we booked a one day trip to Berati and surrounding areas. We were met by Elton, who speaking perfect English, and took us to have a traditional breakfast including soup and pilafrice in the outskirts
of Tirana.
From there on we drove to the seaside, and admired the lovely Adriatic sea, and then on to the castle monitoring Berati. Elton was very skillful and told us both about the previous history of Albania, and also how life was
growing these days. We had a perfect lunch down in the center of Berati with a lot of different traditional Albanian dishes which all tasted superb. After that we visited Cobo winery, and were given a tour before our
return to Tirana. We were hoping to be taken the non-tourist route and Elton gave us the perfect ride back home to Tirana.

As for anyone who is considering visiting Albania. Take one day out of the visit to Tirana and go on a day-trip with Albanian Trip. You’ll discover a whole new side to Albania, and for us it was the best day of our five day visit in Albania.