Tours in Tirana

Tirana is not on many people’s must-visit list of cities. It’s no Paris, Rome or Barcelona. It’s small, it’s dusty, it’s chaotic. But we love it! Dig beneath the surface and you’ll find a charming, safe and incredibly welcoming city, packed with great restaurants and bars.
To get the most of Tirana you’ll need a guide. The National Museum, for instance, is only interesting if you can read the Albanian explanations by the exhibit. The mosque has beautifully painted walls – but only welcomes visitors at certain times. The must-visit National Gallery has a wing dedicated to the Socialist Realism art of the communist years – but what does it all mean? And did you know that Tirana is home to the world headquarters of the Bektashi sect of Islam? Probably not – but Kryegjysh Edmond, the Bektashi ‘Pope,’ welcomes visitors if he’s given a bit of notice.
The proposed guided tours of Tirana are just a taster. You’re welcome to visit us for a coffee at our office, just a five minute walk from Skanderbeg Square (email us for directions!) but otherwise, check out our excursions on offer.
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  • Tirana Like a Local – For a real sense of this city as experienced by locals, let us take you on a journey to the nooks and crannies of our fine capital!
  • Socialist Realism and Communist Tour – Visit the National Gallery to get an insider’s perspective of this time in history.  There are many other ways we can teach you about the nature of communism in Albania with this tour.  Check it out!
  • Our Memorabilia Collection – Nowhere else in Tirana can you find a collection quite like this!  It contains the hard work of years of collecting and we can share many unique stories! You’ll find plenty of inspiration here – we’re avid collectors of communist and Albanian memorabilia and the office is an Aladdin’s Cave of (sadly almost worthless!) detritus from the Enver Hoxha years.
  • Hike the Mountain with Holes – For the nature enthusiast -and the bonus is that it’s very close to Tirana!
  • The Albanian Gangster Tour – Dive into our sinister past!
  • The Cool’inary Tour – While this specialty tour can go beyond the walls of Tirana, why don’t you start right here?  Let us show you Albania’s blessed cuisine – we are true foodies and know all the best spots.