Albanian Trip @ post-Covid19 – a new age!

The update for our response to the Covid19 situation

Well we are living a normal life in this country (Albania). All is back to normal and apart from the masks on people’s faces and the news on tv, there is nothing to remind us that Covid19 is still around. While we wait for that blessed vaccine or a miracle to happen, we patiently wait and work in order to improve our approach to the travel business. Times are running fast and the opening has already started to happen since a while. We did have some very successful private tours this spring and summer. The people that joined them were very happy with our performance. All the standards for hygiene and safety were successful met.

We will make sure to keep present the requirements and as summer is ending and some more fall tours are about to start in a few days, we will make sure that we keep standards in mind. Our map of standards is officially approved by the Albanian Government (a good student of WHO) and the International actors with which we are in touch and we work with.

As usual we will remain big fans of authenticity and sustainability. First new reservations are coming and that’s exciting as well.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch! Any question and inquiry is welcomed, now even more than before.

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