Albanian Trip @ post-Covid19

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to meet most of our actual and future partners in these last weeks of scheduled international meetings. The situation is quite dramatic as we’re writing these lines (17th March 2020) but the great thing is that we’re in this situation as a whole human family. Which means we don’t feel lonely.

Can’t wait for the end of this situation to come. We’re very excited and looking forward to a ‘new’ post-Covid19 world where travel and lifestyle will come back, hopefully more united, happy with life and interested in the sustainable ways that we are interested in since we started Albanian Trip. Do get in touch with us, for new projects. Be them in this difficult year or in the coming one. Let’s keep working and dreaming to go back to our amazing activities. It will keep us all positive and away from the sadness. Our office is of course closed but we’re all happy and ready to work from home with emails and communication. Our phones are also working so don’t hesitate.

Keep strong everyone and let’s get closer to each other as we have never done before!

Long live life!

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