Escorted Cultural Tours of Albania and the Balkans

“Albania is a little self-obsessed, slapping itself heartily on the back for its own spirited survival and unique take on life. To be fair, it has a point. Lots of places like to think of themselves as the bridge between east and west, but Albania has a better, and deeper, pounding out of the boomboxes of the flashier cars in Tirana: the wail of perfumed eastern exotica over the Eurobeat of a western disco.”
From Map Addict by Mike Parker (Collins, £12.99)

In 2014 we started our first scheduled group tour of Albania, taking in the beautiful south, including less known gems like Korça and the UNESCO World Heritage Cities of Berat, Gjirokastra and Butrint.  Eventually we added a northern Albanian portion and since then more tours have come into being as well!  These journeys have been met with great success and have resulted in unforgettable memories for those who’ve traveled to this unique part of Europe.
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  • Pour les Francophones, vous pouvez en savoir plus sur le tour fantastique Huit Jours de Voyage en Albanie – Le Pays Des Aigles, on  cliquant ici. Voila pour les vols entre Paris et Tirana
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  • Unsere Deutsch sprechende Gaeste koennen durch einen klick hier (oder hier) auf ein Deutschsprachiges Programm landen
At Albanian Trip we have both guaranteed departure tours and ones that we can make on request.  We have a few starting itineraries that you can view, but please consider these as starting points only – everything can be tweaked to suit your own interests and schedule!
Keep in mind that although Albania looks small on the map, travelling around can take longer than you’d expect due to the mountainous roads. If you have a week, we suggest you choose either the northern section or the southern only -you’ll really regret it if you try to cram too much in too short a time. Albania has a beautiful coastline, including both the historically important Adriatic Sea and the spectacular Ionian Sea. Albanian Trip will certainly bring you to see these parts of the country and we can also provide some relaxing time and quality holidays if the beach setting makes you the most happy.  The more unique face of Albania is found inland (in the eastern and northern regions) and along the spectacular stretch of coast known as the ‘Albanian Riviera’, from Orikum to Saranda.
We suggest the best starting point is to send us an email or have a Skype chat with us. Once we have an understanding of what kinds of things interest you, we can propose a suitable itinerary, whether by car, minibus, coach or off-roader – hopefully with a few nice surprises, too.


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